Pista Malmø presenta — Un Giro di Sporco Sud

Il Ventesimo di Aprile

Sweden’s largest fixed-wheel race plays out through 100km of the dirty south. Asphalt, gravel, mud; forests, fields, villages — these ingredients comprise Toskåne. The snow is melting, the sun is rising, come meet the spring with us.

UGDSS is split into étapes, with a delectable lunch and mid-race provisions. The race is followed by an evening gala with a vegetarian dinner, drinks, and a prize ceremony.

Amore e bici,
Pista Malmø ♥


  1. Fixed-wheel bicycle
  2. A helmet is required
  3. No stinkin’ aerobars


  • We ride on open roads
  • Sportsmanship is paramount
  • Snacks, tubes & tools

Risultati Uomini

  1. Patrik Stenberg 217p
  2. Olof Åström 177p
  3. Joakim Öberg 166p
  4. Karl ”Batman” Börjesson 66p
  5. Oscar Pettersson 60p
  6. Jonathan Moy de Vitry 36p
  7. Alexander Andersson 34p
  8. Oskar Ardhe 27p
  9. Otto Rosenlund 15p
  10. Ola Ekström 14p
  11. Christian Husum Andersen 8p
  12. Sebastian Andersson 5p
  1. Mattias Strömberg 5p
  2. Kristian Hallberg 1p
  3. Philip Andersson 1p
  4. Kalle Wiberg 1p
  5. Rasmus ”Whatever” Magnusson 1p

Risultati Donne

  1. Maria Nilius 226p
  2. Hanna Claesdotter* 191p
  3. Simona Bava 138p
  4. Bojana Lukac* 115p
  5. *Officials who pre-rode the course


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